Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Policy” or “Privacy Policy”) has been developed in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection” No. 2287-VI dated 01.06.2010, other current laws and regulations of Ukraine regulating personal data protection and international legal acts ratified in Ukraine regulating legal relations related to the personal data collection, processing and storage, and the right of citizens to privacy and the right to personal expression. Legal relations arising out in the Foundation due to personal data processing of the residents of foreign jurisdictions are also subject to the law (including international law), national and international regulations governing personal data protection of the residents of such countries. The Policy is concluded between the visitor (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “User”) and Charitable Organization “Charitable Foundation “THE SKY OF VICTORY” (hereinafter referred to as “we” or “the Foundation”) regarding the website use: (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”). Information submission/posting by you on the Website shall constitute your consent to the content of this Privacy Policy, and shall mean that you give your permission for us to collect, use and disclose/distribute your identity information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy, do NOT send us any information and immediately stop using the Website. The Foundation is the owner of any personal data processed in connection with the Website options visit/use. The Foundation shall have a right to entrust personal data processing, in whole or in part, to the third parties on the basis of an agreement concluded in accordance with the current laws. Read this page carefully, as the information contained herein is important to you as a User of the Website.


1.1 The following terms are used in this Privacy Policy:

1.1.1. “Administration of the Foundation’s Website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website Administration”) shall include any employees and/or volunteers of the Foundation authorized to manage the Website, and acting on behalf of the Foundation, who organize personal data processing, and determine the purposes of the  personal data processing, composition of the personal data to be processed, actions or transactions performed using personal data. 1.1.2. “Personal data” shall mean any information relating directly or indirectly to a specific or identifiable individual (personal data subject). 1.1.3. “Personal data subject” shall mean any individual whose personal data is processed. 1.1.4. “Personal data processing” shall mean any action (transaction) or a set of actions (transactions) performed with or without automation tools with personal data, including personal data collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, changing), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, and destruction. 1.1.5. “Personal data confidentiality” shall mean a requirement for the Website Administrator or other persons who have access to the personal data to comply with requirement to prevent their dissemination without personal data subject consent or other legal basis. 1.1.6. “Third party” shall mean any person, except for the personal data subject, owner or personal data manager. 1.1.7. “Website User” shall mean any person who has an access to the Website via the Internet and uses the Website. 1.1.8. “Cookies” shall mean small pieces of data that are stored in the browser of a device (computer, mobile phone, etc.) after visiting the Website, and which the Website shall transmit to the browser. 1.1.9. “Consent” shall mean a voluntary expression of the will by an individual (subject to his/her awareness) to grant permission to process his/her personal data in accordance with the formulated purpose of their processing, expressed in the form that allows making conclusion that the consent has been granted. 1.1.10. “Personal Data Base” shall mean a named set of ordered personal data in electronic form and/or in the form of personal data files; 1.1.11. “IP-address” is a unique network address of a node in a computer network based on IP protocol.


2.1. The Website Administrator collects your Personal Data only if you have voluntarily provided the relevant information or have clearly expressed your consent to its provision and/or use. The User shall give his/her consent to the Website Administration to process information received, including personal data collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, correction), use, distribution, depersonalization, blocking, and destruction for the purpose of measures aimed at establishing the personal data base. 2.2. Personal data permitted for processing under this Privacy Policy shall include, but not limited to, the following information: 2.2.1. Information allowing to identify you. We may collect personal data when you decide to interact with us and provide the relevant information through the feedback option or by filling in certain contact or registration forms on the Website, or otherwise provide this information through the Website, including by sending requests, making charitable contributions through the Website, etc. 2.2.2. Personal data. Among other things, it includes information about your name, telephone number, residence address, e-mail address, data from your documents, data containing information about your health, social status and other sensitive information. 2.2.3. Secondary (technical) data. When visiting the Website, certain data is automatically recorded on the Foundation’s servers for system administration, and for statistical or backup purposes through a number of technologies used, including, but not limited to, cookies, tags, IP address tracking/URL tracking and other tools. The information recorded may include the name of your Internet provider, in some cases your IP address, information about your browser SW version, computer OS from which you visited the Website, addresses of the websites that you visit simultaneously with our Website and, if possible, your search parameters that brought you to the website, date/time stamps, number of clicks, advertisements viewed, etc. You may block or disable cookies on your computer, which will limit the Secondary data collection by using cookies, but in this case, you may not be able to use certain functionalities of the Website and your user experience may be adversely affected. 2.2.4. Other tracking services. We may also use other tracking services (third-party software), such as Google Analytics, to understand and analyze your use of our Website. Please be aware that Google Analytics collects information sent by your browser as a part of the web page request, including cookies and your IP address. In this case, Google also obtains this information and its use is governed by the Privacy Policy of Google and/or Google Analytics software operator; we are not a party to your relationship with the third parties such as Google Analytics operators, etc. 2.2.5. Payment information. We do not directly collect information about your payment methods, such as bank cards, etc. If you wish to make a charitable donation via the Website, you will be redirected to the website of the third party – payment processor, through which you can make such a payment, and your payment information will be provided not to the Foundation, but to the operator of such a payment processor. Please note that your data will be processed by such third party in accordance with its Privacy Policy or other agreement concluded with you. 2.2.6. Children`s personal data. We do not intend to collect information about visitors under the age of 18. We ask Users under the age of 18 (hereinafter referred to as a child) not to send any personal information to our email address. If the child’s parents or other legal representatives find out that the child has provided certain information to the Website and believe that such data should be deleted, we will take measures to delete such information upon their request.


3.1. The Website Administration may use the User’s personal data and other information provided by the User for the following purposes: 3.1.1. User identification to execute application and (or) conclude an Agreement, to receive charitable contribution or provide charitable assistance. 3.1.2. User support and feedback organization to you, notifications and requests regarding the Website use, including requests and applications processing received from User. 3.1.3. Website quality improvement and its usability. 3.1.4. Effective technical support provided to the User in case of problems related to the Website use. 3.1.5. Access provision to the User to the third-party websites or services of the partners of this website to receive their offers and updates. 3.1.6. User location determination to ensure security and prevent fraud. 3.1.7. Confirmation of personal data accuracy and completeness provided by the User. 3.1.8. Correspondence, notifications, information, including informational or promotional type sent to the User. 3.1.9. Our databases maintenance, including databases of contacts, visitors, benefactors, etc., for statistical, sociological and other studies, to form the contracts and other documents required for our relations with the User registration, as well as to prevent privacy, legal regulations or contract terms violation. 3.1.10. The Foundation shall use the User’s personal data to carry out its statutory activities and fulfil its obligations under transactions concluded with you, and transfer information to the third parties.


4.1. Personal data categories collected by the Website (either directly or through the third parties) shall include: cookies and Data on the network resources use. 4.2. Personal data may be provided by the User independently or may be collected automatically by the Website while its use. 4.3. Unless otherwise specified, the Website uses cookies (or other tracking tools) to identify users and remember the global settings they set solely to provide the service requested by the User. 4.4. The Users are responsible for the Personal data of the third parties they receive, publish or provide to other persons using the Website, and confirm that they have the third party`s consent to provide the Data to its Owner.


5.1. The User’s personal data shall be processed without any time limit, in any legal way, including in personal data information systems using automation tools or without using such tools. 5.2. The User agrees that the Website Administration has a right to transfer personal data to the third parties, only to the extent objectively required to achieve the purpose described above, or to protect security or integrity of our Website, to take measures against prosecution or to facilitate legal proceedings or requests of other state authorities; in cases provided for by the laws of Ukraine.


6.1. The Foundation undertakes to keep information and data provided securely and to take all precautions to protect information from loss, misuse or unauthorized amendment. However, no method of information transmission over the Internet or mobile communications or method for electronic storage is 100% secure. Accordingly, despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee or ensure security of any information you transmit through our Website. 6.2. You acknowledge that you understand the risks described above, in particular, that the information provided by you may be lost or obtained by the third parties, and you personally and solely bear all risks associated therewith.


7.1. The Foundation shall be liable for intentional disclosure of the User’s Personal data in accordance with the current laws, except as provided for in clauses 5.3, 6.1 and 7.2 of this Privacy Policy. 7.2. In case of Personal data loss or disclosure, the Foundation shall not be liable if this confidential information: 7.2.1. Came into the public domain before its loss or disclosure. 7.2.2. Had been received from the third party before it was received by the Website Administration. 7.2.3. Was obtained by the third parties through unauthorized access to the Website’s files. 7.2.4. Was disclosed with the consent of the User. 7.3. The User is responsible for legality, correctness and truthfulness of the Personal Data provided in accordance with the current laws.


8.1. Prior to filing a lawsuit to the court in disputes arising out of relationships between the Website User and the Foundation, it is obligatory to file a claim (a written proposal for the voluntary settlement of the dispute). 8.2. The recipient of the claim shall notify the claimant in writing of the results of claim review within 30 calendar days from the date of claim receipt. 8.3. In case of failure to reach agreement, the dispute shall be referred to a judicial authority in accordance with the current laws. 8.4. The current laws shall be applied to this Privacy Policy and relationships between the User and the Website Administration.


9.1. You should be aware that other websites linked to on the Website or in the Foundation’s emails may have their own provisions regarding information collection and processing that may differ from this Privacy Policy. To ensure information confidentiality protection. 9.2. We recommend to read the terms and conditions and privacy policies of other websites, applications or other electronic services to which links are provided (offers of voluntary disputes settlement).


10.1. You can manage your email communications with us, including refusal to receive emails, by contacting us directly. Additionally, if you would prefer to receive emails only from us and wish to have your details, including name and address, removed from the list, please contact 10.2. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or believe that we are not adhering to this Privacy Policy, you may write to us at the following address:


11.1. The Website Administration reserves its right to make changes to the Privacy Policy at any time and for any reason, without further notifying you of the relevant changes. 11.2. The new Privacy Policy shall enter into force from the date of its posting on the Website, unless otherwise provided for by the new version of the Privacy Policy. 11.3. In case of disagreement with any changes made to the Policy, the User should stop using the Website and request that the Website Administration deleted his or her Personal data.